Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Welcome to Cyclicwave Hurst Cycles Trading

I am a trader. Please allow me to interest you in financial success using this almost forgotten technique handed down to traders and analysts from the Great J.M. Hurst, the man responsible for computerizing and bringing to prominence what was never thought to be ubiquitous: Cycles occurring in financial markets.

There is a picture of Hurst on my wall. This is for a reason that you will soon discover. Now, I present to you what I am most disciplined, passionate and entertained about: trading according to Hurst's Principles. These are presented in his books and his course that was taught 40 years ago.

I have made use of his materials and expanded my mind in more ways than I previously thought possible. His principles are secrets. When learned, they change you as a trader forever. And in my case, at least, myself as a person. 

I assure you, if you seek knowledge here, you will be rewarded.

This page is designed as my trading journal for all to read and watch. Please email me with questions regarding Hurst Cycles and how to get started if interested.

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